Krummi   (2014)

Screendance Installation

Krummi is an investigation of creating choreography on the screen solely with imagery of movements of nature. There are no dancing bodies in this film, the choreography is created by the movement of the elements, such as clouds, steam, water, ice, snow, and ravens. The soundscape emphasizes the creation of space and the rhythmic interrelationship of the edit of images using triptych split screen and the compelling accumulative soundscape form an installation piece that challenges the perception of screendance in time, effort and space, and in absence of living dancing bodies creating a choreography purely via the cinematography. 

Directors: Heike Salzer & Ingi Jensson

Dancers: The Ravens

Camera: Heike Salzer & Ingi Jensson
Editing: Heike Salzer

Sound: Jack Laidlaw & Heike Salzer

Country of production: 2014, Iceland & United States

Publication details

Apr  2014

Live performance with projection, created for Merge Dance Company, Texas State University

Performed during Merge Ahead, 

Texas State Performing Arts Center - Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre, San Marcos, TX (United States) (int.)

Installation - Extreme Landscapes

Jan 22-Apr 27, 2015

Co-production with Ana Baer (MX/USA) Dunes,  Jessica Smith (HK/UK) Transformations

Dance City, Newcastle, (United Kingdom) 

Feb 28, 2015

Exclusive Screening with live Sound Mixing by Jack Laidlaw

Dance City, Newcastle, (United Kingdom)