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Wanderlust Scores

The Wanderlust approach utilises the somatic encounter of the body in landscape as the source of all stages of the creation, and as such at its core is the trust that the dialogue between body and nature will prompt all actions. 


Wandering as a practice embraces the unforeseen, the unplanned and the possibility of encountering the unexpected.  As such these scores invite the user to enjoy the moment and to trust that something will always emerge. 


This approach is therefore not a storyboarding approach, or a step- by-step guide.  The scores are ideas to find a beginning, to envisage what focus might appear, to engage with an unexpected adventure. They invite to embark on a journey and to explore how listening to the environment and being in the moment provides information to develop a dialogue with nature.


The scores can be approached in any order, used as single entities or practiced sequentially one after the other. My ambition for these guides is to facilitate the spontaneous somatic tri-alogue between the site – dance- camera, and therefore following the intuition in the moment is more important than following a guide.  

I therefore suggest reading the scores before the wandering. Perhaps they can be seen like poems. Providing imagery that initiates a beginning and can be attended to when a new prompt is desired. 


They can be adapted and developed. Depending on individual preferences users might want to record their responses, for example by taking visual notes such as drawing images or taking photos, reflecting through written responses, or simply as I practice, keeping the reflection as a memory of an embodied sensation.


I invite users to wander with a camera and discover the joyful mode of making by entering a dialogue with nature by listening to their environment and themselves.

Introduction video to accompany below scores


Wandering together.jpg
Embodying Place.jpg
Site-Dance-Camera trialogue improvisation.jpg
Site-Dance-Camera trialogue str.improvisation.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 10.25_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 10.25.19.png
Editing place on screen.jpg
Editing place on screen-stage-gallery.jpg
Editing place2.jpg
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