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Latent Spaces - Reframed


Latent Spaces is the touring gallery exhibition of site-specific screendance works by Ana Baer Carrillo, Heike Salzer and artistic collaborators. "Site-specific screendance couples two contemporary dance forms: site-specific dance—a choreographic process wherein movement is generated in response to a specific site—and screendance, a hybridization of cinematography and choreography wherein the relationship between the dancer and the filmmaker constitute an improvisational duet.

In Espacios Latentes/Latent Spaces, the artists push this medium further, exploring the relationship between sites of origin and their range of re-presentations, whether on a screen, a stage, in an art gallery, or elsewhere". - Margo Handwerker-TXST Gallery Director

Espacios Latentes Replanteados - Latent Spaces Reframed (Mexico)


MACZ - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce, Morelia, Mexico

Sunday 30th June -  2019 

Encuentro Internacional de Artes Escénicas / International Congress of Performing Arts - Alternativas para la Enseñanza y la Creacipon en el Ambiente Universitario - alternatives for teaching and creation in the University environment and the review of the exhibition opening.


Espacios latentes - Latent Spaces (Brazil)

University of Campinas, 

20 May --30 May 2019

WECreate ICE, Wilderness and WECreate Spaces 

in the framework of the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

Installed by Ana Baer


Espacios latentes-Latent Spaces (United States)

October 24-November 16, 2018

WECreate ICE and Wilderness invited as part of Espacios latentes-Latent Spaces

Solo Exhibition by Ana Baer

Texas State Galleries, San Marcos, TX,United States.

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